Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hardy Chicago Fig Tree is HERE!! 9/28/2011

Yay! I got my fig tree today.
It was a little dark so I had a little trouble taking this picture, but I'll make sure to take one in the morning.

It has four leaves growing and some very small sprouts looking to grow as well.

The shape of the leaves are amazing and this plant is so distinguished. Can't wait for it to grow some more.

A couple small branches are there as well.

I have it in a very small pot right now, but the roots have not outgrown in yet.

I have a larger pot to place it in a week or so whenever it starts to grow.

So far it looks very healthy.

I have a feeling this tree will grow rather quickly. So I'll keep an eye on the sprouts and the bare little branches as well. And I'll be ready to pot it. I have high hopes for this little tree.

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