Saturday, December 31, 2011

And then there was Kumquat

And then there was Kumquat

Today I ventured out to Logee's in CT with my dad. I found them online as a greenhouse location that had tropical plants and trees. I decided to visit them to pick up a citrus plant and save myself on shipping fees.

I will write a review on them shortly.

I found this amazing looking Kumquat tree and picked it up. It has four small fruits growing on it and looks very healthy. I have since potted it and took some pictures.

Welcome my new Kumquat plant to my sunroom garden!

Kumquat fruit

Kumquat fruit

Kumquat tree with four fruit

Kumquat tree

Kumquat fruit.

As you can see the fruit is still ripening. One of these is very green and the other three have a lot of yellow on them. The fully ripe kumquat is a nice orange color. I think it takes about 1-2 months to fully ripen. Most of these are probably only a couple weeks away from ripening. The fruit itself may still grow a little as well.
Kumquat fruit ripening

Kumquat fruit
I will make sure to show updates on a weekly basis so you can see the plant and fruit growing.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

sunroom garden update Dec. 24th

I know it's been a while since I posted any updates, but here goes.

My strawberry plant is basically done with so I have decided to pull it and try to grow something else in its place. Although it withstood the colder temperature I managed to overwater it and most likely rot the roots. I was really looking forward to some strawberries growing. But, I plan on continuing that project in the spring.

Meyer Lemon Tree

Meyer Lemon Tree

Meyer Lemon Tree
My Meyer Lemon tree has really started to settle in. The leafs are all standing around freely and I am starting to see where some new leafs will develop soon.  The leafs are still a nice color green and I am expecting to see some growth soon. If you look closely it does look like a miniature tree with a nice trunk and large branches growing.

My small tangerine tree is also doing very well. The new leafs are fully developed and are looking great. If you look back at previous posts the leafs were the size of fingernails and now they are nice and big. I think that it will continue to grow as the sunroom does get some good sun.
Dwarf Tangerine Tree

Dwarf Tangerine Tree

Dwarf Tangerine Tree

Dwarf Tangerine Tree

My banana plants are still doing awesome. One got hit by a mini cold front, but is still growing well.  All four of them have recently opened a new leaf. I also trimmed a couple of the lower leafs on the Super Dwarf Cavendish as they were starting to get brownish. I really want them to continue to grow more leafs.
Musa Basjoo

Musa Basjoo

My fig tree is basically the same, but is probably getting ready to go dormant. It is still in good shape and does get some good sun, but I'm sure it is still developing its roots some more.

The mystery plant is still growing, but who knows it might be a weed. Or it could be a mint plant. I will have to wait until it gets larger.  I hope it is something I can use.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

update on my mystery plant

Yes, it's been a while since I've posted anything on here, but I have noticed that my mystery plant has grown its second set of leafs. I'm still not sure what it is, but am hoping it's not a weed.

It would be nice if it is mint or another strawberry plant.

We'll have to wait and see.

Here is an updated pic for you.  If you know what kind of plant it is please let me know.

mystery plant

I have since transplanted my meyer lemon tree to a 3 gallon bucket and it seems to be doing ok. It hasn't grown at all, but I think its just getting used to its new container. I will post some pictures over the weekend.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My sunroom garden in December

It's been a while since I've posted on my blog, but I'm happy to sat that my plants are doing very well.
My Musa Basjoo,Super Dwarf Cavendish are still growing a leaft about every week and a half. My tangerine tree has formed some new leafs and is doing really well. My Fig tree is just sitting there, but looks very healthy. My Strawberry plant has almost fully succumbed to the damages of being over watered. I'm guessing that it may have some root rott at this point as the whole plant has really gone downhill. I will continue to monitor it to seeif any new leafs start to grow. Lesson learned!
My small blueberry plant is turning a darker red and I'm sure the rest of the leafs will be faling off shortly. That's ok as it is going into it's dormant mode.  My Green onions and Parsley are doing well. I think I should probably cut back my green onions. My mystery plant is growing in rather well and I will make sure to post some pics of it.

And.... my Improved Meyer Lemon tree is doing very well. I am planning on repotting it today to a larger container as I'm sure it has acclimated itself to its new environment.

I will make sure to take and post some pictures of my sunroom garden. Thanks for checking in.

Monday, December 5, 2011

My Meyer Lemon Tree is here!

My meyer lemon tree is here!

I must say that I am very excited to get this small tree as the previous one I had ordered was very small, wasn't shipped properly and was tiny. Sure it was healthy, but would require some good tlc. I tend to keep my house on the cooler side for budgeting purposes so I gave that small plant to my friend. I'm sure in a few months hers will start to grow rather well.

So this Meyer Lemon tree was about 5 times the price of my first one, but it is in very good condition. It has a small trunk and almost 5 major branches growing off of it. It is robust with many leafs as well. Only one leaf had fallen from the transport which I'm amazed about. All the leafs like a healthy green although some may have had insects biting on them. Also, the leafs seem to be a little cramped due to the packaging, but that's normal. I think with some sun and some room to grow in my sunroom they will perk up and start to thrive soon.

Here are a few pictures I took tonight as I unloaded it and found a place for it. I am really pumped as it looks very healthy. This is a dwarf variety called the Improved Meyer Lemon Tree. It will most likely grow to only be around 3 1/2 ft tall. Right now it looks as if it's growing in a bush-like formation, but that's ok.  I'm sure it won't grow extremely fast as it is a tree, but new leafs should grow and I'm told that even flowers should develop within the next 30 days. I would guess that this tree is a little over a year old. Can't wait to see some flower buds and eventually my first Meyer Lemon!

Everything came well packed and with some growing instructions as well. Looks like these trees enjoy daily misting in the cooler months or when indoors. It is currently in a one gallon pot, but I may transplant it to a 5 gallon in a week or so where it will live most of its life. I will give it a few days to establish itself.

Here are some pics for you to see and I will make sure to post more of them on a weekly basis or so.

unpacking my Meyer Lemon Tree

Improved Meyer Lemon Tree

Improved Meyer Lemon Tree

Improved Meyer Lemon Tree

Improved Meyer Lemon Tree

Improved Meyer Lemon Tree

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sharing my sunroom garden

So once again I have decided to share some of my sunroom garden. One of my friends living in Connecticut had shown some interest in gardening over the winter. I had mentioned to her that I was growing some fruits and some other plants as well.
She did have an outdoor square foot garden, but in the winter it was left vacant and forgotten. When she found out what I was growing and that it was working she started to get curious.
After several conversations I told her I'd give her a few of my plants so she could grow them in her house as well. She was delighted and told me the next time she was in the area she'd make sure to stop by and see my plants.
So tonight, after almost three weeks of talking, she came by with her son. I showed her the plants and how they had been doing and how each one had slightly different maintenance. I explained how important watering properly, getting enough sun and food really helped the plants the grow properly.

This is what I gave her.

- 8 Bell Pepper Seeds
- One bunching onion (bunch)
- One parsley small plant ( I have two)
- One small shoot of basil
- Dwarf Meyer Lemon tree ( only 4 inches tall, I have since ordered another one)

She left very happy and couldn't stop thanking me. She thought she'd only be getting one small plant.

So although I'm down this amount of plants it feels good to share and let someone start their own indoor garden.
I will make sure to stay in touch with her to see how successful she is growing her new garden.

So if you have extras share and who knows you might make a gardener out of someone you know.

This is why you don't want to over water your strawberry plant..

I've waited a couple days to post a few pictures of my strawberry plant because it really looked in bad shape. I trimmed a lot of the leafs and even cut a few off. They had started to get brown on the tips and some were even a light yellow.
We did have one sunny day in there so I'm sure that did the plant well.

Here are a couple of the first flowers that had started to develop. You will see one is in worse shape than the other.

Also, you will see that I have two new flowers ready to develop on the other side of the plant. Surprise! Neither of these look affected and might be ok.