Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just ordered a Hardy Musa Basjoo tree!

After doing a lot of research and actually finding a lot of members of www.bananas.org who had good luck with this kind of banana I decided to order one.

That website is amazing and extremely informative.

I found tons of pictures, tips, testimonials and general information on growing banana plants/trees.

Also, I found a lot of other people growing them in MA and other places in the Northeast where we are known to have blizzards from time to time.

One guy had over 12 basjoos in his yard at over 10 ft tall!  In Massachusetts!

I couldn't believe it. So I have decided to order one and grow it this fall and winter in my sunroom and by next season be able to plant it outside in my yard.

This particular strain can withstand cold weather rather well as long as it is mature enough.

So no more ordering for me. I will have my two Super Dwarf Cavendish banana plants, a Hardy Chicago Fig tree (which I plan on growing and putting in my yard next season as well) and a Musa Basjoo tree coming shortly.

This is going to be an amazing experience and I'll make sure to document their progress on a weekly basis if not more.

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