Sunday, September 25, 2011

My first dwarf banana plant. Plant #1

I ordered a Super Dwarf Cavendish Banana plant last week and it just came in yesterday. Well, actually I ordered two of them, but they were separate orders so the second plant should be coming in tomorrow.

I have always been a fruit lover, so I finally decided to see if I could grow a plant in my house.

I have a four season sun room where I plan to grow them as the winters here in Massachusetts get very cold.

I also ordered a fig tree which might do better, but that is for another post.

So yesterday I received my plant and was very happy with it.

It stands at about 10 inches and has 10 leaves on it and what looks like a pup on the side, but it could just be a branch or something.

As it came rather healthy I transplanted it to a larger pot and watered it.

I used premium potting soil and placed it in my sun room.

Today is day 2 and it still seems to be doing well with the leaves a mid green.

Here are a couple pictures I took yesterday.

Super Dwarf Cavendish

Super Dwarf Cavendish

Super Dwarf Cavendish

So as you can see the plant showed up pretty happy.

I got another pot today for the second plant which should arrive tomorrow and hopefully in similar condition.

I have been doing a lot of reading, joining forums and looking at youtube videos to see what works best.

I got some plant food today (liquid) and will be mixing it with water on a weekly basis.

As this room stays at about 75 degrees plus I think it will thrive for another month or two until it starts getting colder and then I'll have to adjust.

Currently I am not heating the room as it gets warm naturally having three sides of windows.

When I get my second plant and it is potted I will share that info and some pics as well.

Status Update:

Plant seems to be a little more lively and is still doing well. We had a 88 degree day so I'm sure the plant was happy.

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