Friday, October 28, 2011

a couple pictures I took tonight of my fruit garden

These are a few closeups of my garden.
I really like the look of my blueberry plant as its leafs are nice and red.

I picked up a sodium additive to put in the blueberry pot to help bring down the PH levels.

This should also do well in my Tangerine tree, and meyer lemon pot.

This helps the leafs growth and color as well as keep the PH acidic level where it needs to be.

This is my basjoo plant #1. If you can see in the middle there it's trying to grow another leaf. I'm very proud of this plant as it has been through a lot and continues to want to grow.

This is a close up of my blueberry plant. As you can see it wants to open up a couple more leafs. And this is only one spot. If it gets used it's pot soon I'm sure i'll be seeing several leafs sprouting soon.

This is another area where I am seeing the potential of growth.

 This shows a cluster of small leaf sprouts and the leafs changing from green to red. This is a very pretty plant.

This is my SDC banana plant #1. It grew a tall leaf, but I think it's cold as its refusing to open the leaf fully.  This is a after I misted it a little so you can see the droplets.

This is the upper part of the plant where the leaf would open, but it hasn't yet. I think this plant is getting cold.

 This is a the mid part of the soon to be open leaf. I'm hoping it unravels soon.

This is a close up of my SDC #2 plant. It's nice and healthy.

This is another picture of my tiny fig tree. I'm not sure but I think the little budding leaf has grown a little.
I don't expect this one to grow much more, but I think its doing well.

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