Monday, October 17, 2011

Mini update.

My plants are doing very well.

Fig Tree : still small showing minimal growth, but I'm sure the roots are settling in nicely. I know it would love more sun, but its October in MA so it'll have to get what it can get.

Basjoo: Leafs are still looking green and its growing and almost unfolding a new leaf. I'll try to take a pic in the am to post, but still looking healthy.

Basjoo #2: Still has not shipped, but hopefully it will tomorrow. If it comes in good condition it should grow at the rate of my current one. I hope to get it by Monday latest.

Cavendish plant #1: Looking good and has its newest leaf almost fully open now. Wish it had a little more sun, but its still doing very well.

Cavendish plant #2: Opened up its leaf a couple days ago and its new stock is growing rapidly. Maybe by the weekend it will be ready to open its new leaf.

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