Saturday, October 29, 2011

new additions...

These are some pics of my new additions.
Yes only one new fruit, but a fruit is a fruit.

Here you go:
This is my rectangular tray with some Parsley in it. There are four small plants in this tray.

This is a different angle where you can see the small plant better. This smells really good.

On the other side of the pot I have some curly mint. This also smells good and as you can see it grows up.

These two are my other small Parsley plants. They didn't fit in the larger pot so I divided them up.
We'll have to see how they do.

This is a bunching onion. They are very small and I believe you can eat the stem leaves as well.
Here's another angle.

And this is my strawberry plant. Its supposed to be very hardy and can withstand up to about 30 degrees. It was 46 degrees earlier today and it was growing outdoors. A small flower was trying to grow under the foliage, but wasn't doing well. I'm hoping to nurse it a little and get it to grow some more.

Video coming soon!

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