Thursday, November 24, 2011

Garden update 11/24/2011

I took a few pictures this morning of my sunroom garden. Take a look.

This is one section of my garden. On the left you see my strawberry plant, then my basjoo. Then my small tangerine tree, my other basjoo in the back. Then you see my two Super Dwarf Cavendish plants.
This is the other side of my garden. I have these on a table in the corner. To the left is my Top Hat blueberry plant. Then my new basil plant, two parsley plants and my green onions in the back.

This is another angle where you can see the strawberry plant and my basjoo plant. They are enjoying the sun.

This is my basjoo plant next to my super dwarf cavendish plant. They are in shadow in the picture, but about ten minutes later they will be in good sun.

This is a close up of my Eversweet strawberry plant. You can see the small flowers trying to form now. It is much larger than it was a few days ago. I hope with all the sun today they will continue to grow well.

This is the mystery plant growing with my green onions. It looks healthy, but hasn't grown much in the last couple days.

This is my Dwarf Meyer Lemon tree. The one stalk is very healthy, but overall it looks very tiny. I will keep an eye on it to see if I can see any growth. It doesn't look like its dying which is good.

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