Thursday, January 26, 2012

All about growing an Improved Meyer Lemon Tree

All about growing an Improved Meyer Lemon tree.

The Meyer lemon is originally from Asia and is a cross between a lemon and a tangerine. Initially this variety of Lemon was brought to California and did very well there.  Later on it proved to adapt to the American climate better as it is quite hardier than a traditional lemon tree. You can now find it a favorite for citrus lovers.

Flowers - White with yellow and are very fragrant
Fruit - Very round yellow with a hint of orange
Leafs - Wide oval, mid to dark green

Very much like a traditional lemon, but sweeter
This is a great variety for lemonade and to use in mixed drinks
The rind can also be used in cooking

These are about the same size as the traditional lemon, but are a rounder shape
They tend to be around 6 inches long
Sizes may vary with variety of tree (whether dwarf, or semi-dwarf)

Interesting facts:
The Meyer Lemon tree is very special as it not fixed to any particular season. This means that it will bloom and bear fruit year round! The most abundant harvest will be during early winter, but it will bloom in the spring fall and summer. To keep this tree bearing fruit on a year long period it is best to bring it indoors in the colder months as it will continue to develop fruit if grown indoors. Also, these trees are happy to live their whole lives in pots so if you don't have a lot of room you do have that option. Also, although these do require pollinating to grow fruit they can bear fruit indoors on their own. So they are semi-self pollinating.

Preferred pot size:
This tree likes to be a little snug in its pot so don't be in a rush to up-pot it.

Up to a year old - 10 inch pot
1 - 3 years old - 3 gallon container
3 years plus - 10 gallon container

The Dwarf variety will grow to about 5 feet tall. Has very nice green leafs and white flowers.
You can trim these down in the fall if they get too big.

This is a fantastic tree to grow in your house or sunroom  as it will provide a great aroma, attractive foliage, plenty of fruit and will never get too large for you to manage (with pruning).

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