Saturday, January 28, 2012

Growing Cantaloupes in a Sunroom - experiment

Growing Cantaloupes in my sunroom.

Last weekend I was surprised to find seeds at my local Home Depot. Its still pretty cold outside and we are getting small snow flurries here and there. But, I was interested in seeing what they had for sale.

I picked up some Cantaloupe seeds are seeing a lot of videos online about growing them and also because I really like their taste. I was going to wait until the spring, but I thought, the seeds only cost me a $1.25. Why don't I try it out now and see if I can grow them in my sunroom. If it fails I can buy more seeds in March and start growing them then.

From what I hear they grow very fast and need at least 5 months to fully mature. So if I am successful I will get a longer season out of them.

So, as I mentioned before it was last Sunday when I bought them and put a bunch in a 4 inch pot and the other half in a 10 inch wide pot. I figured if any would grow I'd pick off the ones around them.

Now, I didn't see anything going on all week as I figured it would take about 10 days to germinate. The bag said 7, but I knew my conditions weren't ideal.

This morning I went out to do the daily watering and peeked under the plastic covers. And this is what I found!

The pictures are of the 4 inch pot.  The 10 inch pot had some growth as well, but much smaller. I will share some updates in the following days as well.

I'm very surprised to see some growth! Got to take care of these guys and see if I will eventually get Cantaloupe from them.

Cantaloup see sprouts

Cantaloupe seed sprouts
Please note that this is day 6.

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