Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm growing Tomatoes and Cucumbers!

Hi everyone.
Sorry for the delay.

This past couple of weeks have been so nice and got me thinking about the Spring. Oh wait, it's here. I had contemplated growing some veggies this year and give that a shot.

So I headed to walmart and picked up a growing tray and some seeds. Very inexpensive too which is great!

tomatoe and cucumber seeds from walmart

I realize now that due to my backyard space these are way too many seeds, but its ok. I told my cousin that if I get some extras to sprout I will give her a few. So I guess it all works out.

This is 5 days later!

So I guess I'm doing something right as they have started to sprout. The cucumbers first and later the tomatoes.

Following is an update at day 7. Taken this morning.

So I have decided to take the cover off now as the tallest ones are hitting the plastic cover. Hopefully more start to sprout. The first four rows are tomatoes and although you can't tell they have started to sprout as well. In a week they should be large enough to transport and maybe plant outside.

I'll have to check on the weather.


  1. how exciting! planting seeds is such a rewarding experience. I've never done this before, but next time I'm going to have a small fan to blow on the seedlings every now and then so they grow up strong :)

    1. Great!
      This year I got a growing kit from home depot which is about two inches deeper. I highly recommend a deeper tray as it allows the seedlings to grow larger before you need to transplant them. Also, these are self watering. Was about 14.99 and all my new seedlings are growing.

      I lost a lot of the ones showing above in transport as they could only grow so high.