Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm growing Tomatoes and Cucumbers!

Hi everyone.
Sorry for the delay.

This past couple of weeks have been so nice and got me thinking about the Spring. Oh wait, it's here. I had contemplated growing some veggies this year and give that a shot.

So I headed to walmart and picked up a growing tray and some seeds. Very inexpensive too which is great!

tomatoe and cucumber seeds from walmart

I realize now that due to my backyard space these are way too many seeds, but its ok. I told my cousin that if I get some extras to sprout I will give her a few. So I guess it all works out.

This is 5 days later!

So I guess I'm doing something right as they have started to sprout. The cucumbers first and later the tomatoes.

Following is an update at day 7. Taken this morning.

So I have decided to take the cover off now as the tallest ones are hitting the plastic cover. Hopefully more start to sprout. The first four rows are tomatoes and although you can't tell they have started to sprout as well. In a week they should be large enough to transport and maybe plant outside.

I'll have to check on the weather.

Monday, March 12, 2012

sorry for the delay...

My plants are still doing very well. I will be updating my blog this week.

Meyer Lemon Tree : I burned off all my flowers and plants by over fertilizing. But, I have brand new leafs growing and look very healthy.

Temple Orange Tree: I do have some tiny fruit forming and growing. They are really small now, but I will watch them as they grow.

Top Hat Blueberry Plant: I have just started to water this plant again to see if it will break dormancy. I think that I'm starting to see some new leaf growth. I will post some pictures of it soon.

Banana plants: They are all doing ok, but my two basjoo plants are getting a lot of mites. I will have to spray them down. I may place them outside all day this next weekend as the weather is much better now. These are pretty hardy so they should do fine even if the temperature drops a little. My other two banana plants are doing really well.

Australian cherry : It is growing very well and may start flowering soon. I see some buds, but probably won't open for another couple weeks.

Tree tomato plant: It had a couple flowers, but they fell off. There is new leaf growth so maybe it just need to grow and be stronger to bear fruit.

Tangerine tree: Is still growing, but not that quickly. It is healthy.

Fig tree: I have just started watering it hoping to break it out of dormancy. It may take a few days to show any signs of growth or anything.

Lemon Guava plant: It seems to be growing, but I can't really tell. It is healthy though. I hear that it may start growing faster soon.

I'll make sure to post some photos soon.