Saturday, October 1, 2011 5 STARS!!

I have been inspired and also learned a lot from this Forum community.
There is banana species info, care, history, photos, forums, q&a, and some great information.

I even found some other people on there from New England who had great success with some of their banana plants.

Also, in addition to that people actually check and answer your post.

I've been on other forums before and once you introduce yourself you get lost in the shuffle or they say go read other posts.

In this one people are good about replying, sharing experiences, knowledge and even pictures if you ask.

It looks like some of these people have been part of the forum for years and trade/sell/give banana plants to each other.

Also, the forum is very well laid out so its easy to find things and each topic/thread/category is very easy to get to.

It also keeps track of all the pages you have been following and replying to.  And you can set it to alert you if someone posted after you.

It is easy to become a banana addict from being part of this forum and I can see how you can spend a few months and find yourself with four or five kinds of trees.

Great, great site!

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