Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Improving soil for my plants

Today I headed over to home depot and bought a bag of perlite.
I learned that having more of it it would be able to retain water and also help drain water better through the pot. It would also help the roots 'breathe' a little better as well.

I bought a new pot as well and moved my small Hardy Chicago Fig plant into it as I hear they like to be in larger pots. When I took the plant out of its current pot I noticed that its roots had been growing rather well.

I plan on putting the basjoo in the slightly smaller pot when I get it in.  I don't expect it to grow much over the winter.

But, I do have a 5 gallon pot for the first plant to grow at a rapid rate.

I know eventually the basjoos and the fig tree will feel much better in a 5 gallon or larger pot once they get over 2 ft tall.

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