Thursday, October 6, 2011

My plants update 10/6/2011

After doing more reading I found that my plants might need some more sun.
So I took the small end table I had been using and moved it closer to the screen door.  It is south east facing I believe and its big so by moving it closer I would assure more direct sunlight for a longer part of the day.

The temperature last night dropped to almost 40, but the plants are doing fine in the sunroom.

It was about 58 in there when I woke, but they had a lot of sun.

I took a couple pictures of my plants to share.

It think they will get at least an extra hour of direct sunlight here. That should help a lot.

In this picture I have my SDC #1 on the back left. Its leaf is almost fully open now.
SDC #2 is on the back right. You can see its trying to grow another leaf.
On the bottom left is my basjoo which is having transport shock as it wasn't packaged well. I cut off most of the really yellow leaf to see if it helps it.  But, it still has 3 leaves and they are not as bent as before. So to me it looks like its healing itself.  I don't think it was getting enough sun the last couple days so I hope this move helps it.
On the bottom right you see my hardy chicago fig tree. This one is still healthy, but has not grown at all.
This morning when I looked at the tallest stem I could see some green there so it quite possibly be getting ready to grow a leaf or branch, who knows.
I'll keep my eye on it. It was definitely not getting enough sun which is why I moved it with the others.

All my plants should be pretty happy going forward with more sun.

I'll post an update over the weekend.

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