Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chicago Fig Tree, some growth!! 10/06/2011

I got home a little earlier tonight and found that my small fig plant had shown some growth. I had one small sprout there a few days ago and now I'm seeing that its' twice its size at about half an inch now.

And on the lower patch of leaves there is a small growth as well.

I hope it continues to grow as the weather should warm up a little the next couple days.

I'll try to add a picture in the morning.

update: 10/7/2011

So as you can see there are two areas of growth. I'm sure they are leaves trying to sprout.

If only I could get this plant more sun, but its too cold to put it outside. Yesterday it had more sun than usual so I'm sure that helped.  I have moved the plants to another part of the room near a big window which might catch more light throughout the day.

Here's hoping!

I'm glad to see that the Fig plant is feeling better and showing some growth.

Now to nurse back my small basjoo plant which still looks the same.

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