Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And then there was basil!

Today I went to my local stop n' shop for lunch as always and found something interesting. Amongst the fruits and vegetables they had some small basil plants in containers for sale. I couldn't find the price tag, but the closest one to them said $2.99. I thought to myself, wow, if this is the price I should probably pick it up.

The plant was in a 4 inch pot and the basil plant was already about 10 inches high. It looked like it was very healthy.  And although they had it in cold water it seemed to be doing ok.

So after work, I headed back and saw one plant left and picked it up. I didn't want it sitting in my car all afternoon so I told myself that if there was one left I'd buy it.

The aroma is phenomenal and it was refreshing on my ride home.

On closer inspection I could see that it had grown several smaller stalks of basil as well so I figured I'd repot a couple and then repot the originals in a slightly larger pot. But, as soon as I took the plastic casing off of the plant it just fell over.  The following picture is of the plant right before it fell over.

So I'm not worried, I just think it was being supported by the plastic and with no sun in the store it was probably best for the plant.

They are now both in my sunroom where they should get at least a few hrs of direct sunlight a day and several hours of indirect light.

Hopefully in a day or two they will straighten up.

I did harvest some leafs as they seemed ready to eat.

But here is the first picture of my new basil plant.

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