Monday, November 21, 2011

Is my strawberry plant growing a flower?

I'm pretty excited to say that my strawberry plant may be growing a flower. This means that eventually a strawberry! I just noticed it today as I was showing my plant to my dad. It liked like a cluster of leaves until I looked closer and saw the common leaf pattern found on back of a strawberry. The look like small triangle leafs running in a circular pattern. In the middle I can see a small whitish round object.

As I have never grown strawberries before or really seen them grow I am pretty certain but not 100% positive that this is a flower yet. I can see two next to each other underneath the leafs. I am hoping that this grows further and does develop. This would be my first flower or fruit to grow!

I will make sure to post a picture in the morning where there will be better lighting and possibly a size difference.

Stay tuned!

update: following day

Eversweet Strawberry
Not sure if you can see, but right in the middle there is a different leaf formation (arranged in a circle and a small white area in the middle).  There is another to the right of it and another below it. I believe these are flowers getting ready to grow. I'm excited and will make sure to show an update over the weekend.

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