Sunday, November 20, 2011

Update of my indoor garden 11/20/2011

The weather was really great today so I was able to put my tangerine tree and strawberry plant outside. I'm sure that the rest of my plants enjoyed the good weather as well. These are a few pictures of my indoor garden for you to see.

This is my scallion plant. As you can see they are growing rather well. The ones that I cut and placed back in the soil aren't doing too well though. I hope they start to grow better soon.

mystery plant
This is the mystery plant still growing in the scallion pot. It has grown slightly, but still is completely unidentifiable.

hardy chicago fig
This is my Hardy Chicago fig tree.  It really hasn't grown too much at all. But, you can see the small sprout there has grown bigger than it was about three weeks ago.

Hardy chicago fig
This is another sprout that had been forming on this plant. It is noticeably larger than three weeks ago, but has not grown all that much recently.

Musa basjoo
This is my first Musa Basjoo banana plant. This leaf is getting ready to open. Probably one more very sunny day and it will.

Musa basjoo
This is my second Musa Basjoo banana plant. You can clearly see a new leaf is growing. I'd give it about a week before it fully opens.

Super Dwarf Cavendish
This is my second Super Dwarf Cavendish plant. This leaf is starting to open. I'd say one more good sunny day and it will fully open.

Super Dwarf Cavendish
This is my first Super Dwarf Cavendish plant. It still needs to grow another two inches before it will be large enough to open its leaf.

Eversweet Strawberry
This is my strawberry plant. It is mostly healthy and has been growing new leafs almost every other day. But, if you look closely you can see the edges are turning a brown color. I'm not sure what is causing that. I have not seen insects or anything like that. I'll have to keep an eye on it.

Tangerine Tree

Tangerine Tree
These are two pictures of my tangerine tree. I took the second as a close up as I'm almost positive that these leafs have grown since I got this plant in the mail. I will continue to take pictures going forward to see if I can identify some real growth.

This is the second mystery plant that I have growing. This one is in the same pot as the Tangerine tree. This one seems a little more delicate and more yellowish than the other one I found. I hope it starts to grow more so I can identify it.

This is one of my parsley plants. It has not been doing so well. I don't think it is warm enough in this room or its not getting enough sun. I moved it this morning to this spot.  If you can see the middle sprouts they are rising up. So I'm hoping that the move helps this plant as some of the leafs are looking more and more yellow.

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