Saturday, December 10, 2011

My sunroom garden in December

It's been a while since I've posted on my blog, but I'm happy to sat that my plants are doing very well.
My Musa Basjoo,Super Dwarf Cavendish are still growing a leaft about every week and a half. My tangerine tree has formed some new leafs and is doing really well. My Fig tree is just sitting there, but looks very healthy. My Strawberry plant has almost fully succumbed to the damages of being over watered. I'm guessing that it may have some root rott at this point as the whole plant has really gone downhill. I will continue to monitor it to seeif any new leafs start to grow. Lesson learned!
My small blueberry plant is turning a darker red and I'm sure the rest of the leafs will be faling off shortly. That's ok as it is going into it's dormant mode.  My Green onions and Parsley are doing well. I think I should probably cut back my green onions. My mystery plant is growing in rather well and I will make sure to post some pics of it.

And.... my Improved Meyer Lemon tree is doing very well. I am planning on repotting it today to a larger container as I'm sure it has acclimated itself to its new environment.

I will make sure to take and post some pictures of my sunroom garden. Thanks for checking in.

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