Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sharing my sunroom garden

So once again I have decided to share some of my sunroom garden. One of my friends living in Connecticut had shown some interest in gardening over the winter. I had mentioned to her that I was growing some fruits and some other plants as well.
She did have an outdoor square foot garden, but in the winter it was left vacant and forgotten. When she found out what I was growing and that it was working she started to get curious.
After several conversations I told her I'd give her a few of my plants so she could grow them in her house as well. She was delighted and told me the next time she was in the area she'd make sure to stop by and see my plants.
So tonight, after almost three weeks of talking, she came by with her son. I showed her the plants and how they had been doing and how each one had slightly different maintenance. I explained how important watering properly, getting enough sun and food really helped the plants the grow properly.

This is what I gave her.

- 8 Bell Pepper Seeds
- One bunching onion (bunch)
- One parsley small plant ( I have two)
- One small shoot of basil
- Dwarf Meyer Lemon tree ( only 4 inches tall, I have since ordered another one)

She left very happy and couldn't stop thanking me. She thought she'd only be getting one small plant.

So although I'm down this amount of plants it feels good to share and let someone start their own indoor garden.
I will make sure to stay in touch with her to see how successful she is growing her new garden.

So if you have extras share and who knows you might make a gardener out of someone you know.

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