Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another update of my sunroom garden.

Yesterday I had a chance to go Logees again and I picked up another plant.
This one is a Australian Beach Cherry plant. They are supposed to grow easily. They produce a nice red shiny, miniature pear looking fruit.

It does well in colder climates and according to what I've read after it grows to 12 inches high it is strong enough to start producing fruit.

Here is a picture.
Australian Beach Cherry plant
Something else exciting is that my Cantaloupe seeds actually started sprouting. I'm pumped and will try to continue to nurture it so it will continue to grow.  Here are a couple pictures.
Cantaloupe Sprout

Cantaloupe Sprout
The other thing I noticed was the Tree Tomato Plant. This one prefers more water than my other plants, but seems to be doing really well.  I noticed that when it was thirsty the leafs would droop. But, at closer inspection it is quickly growing out a new leaf near the top. And at an even closer inspection there is a new leaf sprouting there as well. I am so shocked at how fast this plant is growing. Here are a few pictures.  I do see some small buds growing as well, but i'm not sure if those are new leafs, (flowers?) or actual fruit getting ready to develop. 

I'm also thinking that if it keeps growing at this pace I'm going to have to up pot it by next weekend.

Here are a couple pics.
Tree Tomato Plant

Tree Tomato Plant

Tree Tomato Plant.
On this last picture if you look at the V area in the middle of the pic, there are about four tiny buds growing there. I'll make sure to update in a couple days to see what they develop into.

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