Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quick update of my sunroom garden on a snowy day.

This is a quick update of my sunroom garden on a snowy day.

Ok so we have about three inches of snow on the ground now. No biggie my plants are in my sunroom protected from most of the elements. So I was heading out to Logees, but I think they might be closed today so instead I went to Home Depot. I picked up another spray bottle for my liquid fertilizer, (fish fertilizer), some Cantaloupe seeds, and a water meter.

So I headed home and gave my citrus ONLY some of the fish fertilizer. Tiny amounts, but found that that stuff smells awful. Oh well, the citrus will like it as it is high in nitrogen.

I also noticed that my temple orange plant has just bloomed a flower. I was pumped! Here is a pic.

Temple Orange Flower
I apologize for calling this a small navel orange in the past, but it is a Temple Orange. These flowers are much smaller than the flowers developing on the Meyer Lemon Tree. These oranges are about the size of a mandarin and I can't wait for more flowers to open up soon. More pics to come!

I also saw that my Meyer Lemon tree continued to grow its buds and some new leafs as well.

Meyer Lemon Leafs

Meyer Lemon Buds
These buds are starting to grow very well. You can see some hints of purple on some of these. Also if you look there are several smaller ones behind these as well. There are more buds on the other side of the tree as well. As this plant is quite hardy I'm sure it will continue to grow very well.

Meyer Lemon Leafs
As you can see these new leafs are looking very healthy. Last night they were all scrunched up, but now they are spreading out and you can see a couple smaller leafs in the middle looking to grow as well. I hope the fish fertilizer will help them to grow some more. To think when I first got this tree there was no growth on that branch.

A couple additions to my garden are my little experiments.

I have some Alpine strawberry seeds in a small container and some Cantaloupe as well. Below is a picture of the two containers with the Cantaloupe seeds in them. They say 7-10 days to germinate so we'll see how that works out.

The Alpine strawberry should germinate in about 5 days as I put it in soil about three days ago.

More to follow....

Cantaloupe seeds in dirt.

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