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Review - Logee's Plants for Home and Garden, Danielson, CT

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Logee's Plants for Home and Garden
141 North St.
Danielson, CT 06239

After some searching and asking around for a great place to find tropical plants I was directed towards I had previously ordered from a couple online catalogues and even from Amazon. I found a couple places that sold good product, shipped it well and which arrived in a timely fashion. But, I was always looking online to see what a healthy plant was supposed to look like, how long it took to bear fruit and for advanced growing instructions.

Logee's was the answer. I made the journey from my house in Massachusetts to Danielson CT with my father to see all the great products we had seen online. Some other locations near me had already stopped ordering these kinds of plants as they weren't "in season" anymore. Although, I am looking to grow a garden in the middle of winter, I probably could of picked a better time to do so. In any case I found a great selection of plants, trees and tropicals on the Logee's website. I also found out from the website that they were open 7 days a week year round excluding holidays. I just couldn't believe it.

Ok, so back to me heading to visit them. I found them very easy to find off of rt 395. After a couple turns I saw their green sign and building.

When I arrived I entered into a medium sized room with a large counter on the right side and some gardening accessories and plants on the left. I was greeted at the door as I looked around.

Straight ahead were some steps going down towards a fairly large greenhouse. Once inside I found that it was easily 500 ft long and fully stocked with all kinds of plants, flowers, vines etc.  The walking space was pretty narrow, but there was so much to see. Everything was well categorized, labeled and laid it in appropriately sized containers. I knew that that finding what I was looking for would take some wandering.

I found lots of fruiting plants as I walked up and down the aisles and found a couple smaller greenhouse areas near the end. We then kept wandering around and found that there was a door leading to another area. And guess what, it was another huge greenhouse filled with plants and trees. This one seemed to house the larger plants including some full grown orange, grapefruit, banana, tree tomato, kumquat and lemon trees. They had avocado plants, different banana species, lemons and more.

I did have to go back out from to find the smaller scale kumquat plants. I had actually missed them in the smaller greenhouse in the back of the first greenhouse. There had been some people back there on my first journey so I had skipped that area.

There was a long row of limes, lemons, oranges, grape fruits, calamondins and every variety in between there. They had various sizes of each of them and some even had fruit on them already.

These were all labeled very well with a picture of a mature plant, a description of the plants growing and fruiting habits, light requirements, temperature requirements and projected sizes as well.

I had finally found what I was looking for. A place near to home, lots of "live" inventory to see, a great selection and very reasonable pricing.

Needless to say that I have gone back again to pickup a couple new plants. As my dad says my sunroom is become greener every day.

The staff has been very helpful on both visits offering suggestions, telling me about the different flavors of fruits, which may do better in colder climates and when I should expect to see fruit growth.

So I don't currently have a rating system, but I'll say this location gets an A+.

A+  quality of product
A+  product selection
A+  helpful staff
A+  knowledgable staff
A+  easy to find
A+  quality information found on site and on website

Although I am a fruit fanatic this is also a great plant and flower go-to destination. They have a vast array of cacti, vines, plants and flowers for every climate and gardening skill level.

And if you are looking for a small road trip this is a great place to go. If you plan to walk around all the greenhouses make sure you put aside a few hours of your day as you will be overwhelmed by everything Logee's has to offer.

Logee's is open 7 days a week except on holidays.

Visit their website here and you'll never buy from anyone else. They ship nationwide so you can place an order anytime. 

But, to get the full experience, visit them in Danielson, CT!

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