Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tip of the week - Citrus

Tip of the week - Citrus

While doing some research on different websites I was able to find this great tip when growing your Citrus gaden.

When feeding your citrus use a water-soluble fertilizer when possible. Citrus plant leafs hold most of the plants nutriets and therefore need to be maintained well. Generally speaking, the more leafs it has the more nutrients it has to feed itslef with.

Now when you use a water soluble fertilizer you want to make sure to mix it in water (according to fertilizer specifications) and spray the leafs. Especially if you are seeing your leafs turning yellow near the middle you know that it is not getting the proper balance of nutrients. 

So the quick tip of the day is: spray your tree's leafs with the fertilizer blend. your tree will thank you for it.

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