Friday, January 6, 2012

Treating my banana plants from spider mites

Treating my banana plants from spider mites (on-going)

Its been a few days and my banana plants are doing much better. I am still seeing some small mites underneath, but I'm trying to be good about spraying in the morning and afternoon. I am making sure to spray underneath and on top of the leafs. I did have to cut off a couple leafs the other day as they were badly damaged.

The first day I made a small hand soap/water solution mixture abot 1 to 6 and sprayed it all over the leafs. I then took some paper towels and combed the leafs one at a time to make sure I got as much off the leafs as I could.

I then took the plants outside and sprayed them down with water for a good five minutes each. I have four plants and wanted to make sure each was washed down well. If one gets infested again most likely they all will.

The plant is reacting well to this and I will continue to spray it on a daily basis.

I made sure to throw away the papertowels I had used into a trashbag and placed that outside. Although these spiders are tiny they can find their way out and wander around so make sure to throw these out as soon as possible.

The cause for these spiders was primarily the low level of humidity and lots of direct sunlight. I am now making sure to mist my plants everyday.

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