Saturday, February 4, 2012

Update on my cantaloupe and tree tomato plant.

As I wrote on my previous post I decided to up pot the Cantaloupe sprouts. I actually removed the Top Hat Blueberries from their larger container and repotted them in a smaller one. I then mixed up the soil in the original container and put in some new potting soil in there. Then I transplanted the sprouts there and watered them lightly.
I really hope the Cantaloupe sprouts settle in. I picked the healthiest 6 and planted them in the soil.

Cantaloupe Sprouts

I also wanted to update you on the Tree Tomato Plant. The guys at Logee's were right, it grows fast! If you look at one of the pictures the leaf on the right doubled in size in almost 5 days. Also you can see a small leaf developing in the middle and some small buds as well.
Tree tomato leafs and buds.

Tree tomato leafs and buds.

The third picture is of some other buds I see growing on the plant. I think these will form into flowers.
Tree tomato buds.

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