Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why I started to grow fruit trees.

Ok so I probably should of written this a long time ago, but I think that now that I am actually doing it I have a better perspective on things.

Even as a child I enjoyed discovering new things. I did a lot of traveling as a child and was able to visit places I would have never dreamed of going. I've seen fields of huge sunflowers, olives, and tons of different trees. My dad enjoyed having plants in his yard as well and although when I think of him I don't think of his as a gardener, becase he's not. But, maybe he is. He would have lots of different bushes, daffodils, and other flowers around his yard. He appreciated the plants that he had more than his lawn.

So I guess maybe he does have a green thumb. I remember going to different greeneries and green houses with him and spending hours looking at all the different flowers, leafs and plants. I don't recall the name of these places as some were outside of the US and some within, but they were huge.

I would look forward to these trips and wander around looking at everything. I was always looking to see something new. And often times I would find something.

My curiosity and creativity led me to my passion in computers and electronics.

I majored in graphic design in college and dabbled in web design, drawing, painting and later on into photography.

I now have a wedding photography business and am looking to develop and grow it. This is my website . I continue to learn more about photography every day and enjoy it more and more.

When I first got my camera my favorite subjects were flowers, plants and other things in nature. You can see some of these pictures on my flickr account found here. .

But, I feel like I am digressing here.

One other very important part of my life is my love for food. I haven't really found anything I hated or thought was gross. I love all kinds of foods from different places, cousines and I would even eat them for breakfast.

But with all these different foods one thing I couldn't live without was fruit. I am not a big sweets eater, but I will never refuse a fruit. I remember growing up having fruit salad bowls almost every morning. Bananas were my go to fruit and in my experience it is impossible to eat a bad banana. (unless its over ripe or rotting of course). I actually prefer them with some brown and black spots on the skin.

I've also tried a wide variety of pears, apples, oranges, grapes and mango (flavor wise is my favorite fruit). Kiwis are amazing and pineapples etc... I can go on and on. There is something about the sweetness and the ability of placing something on your plate and being able to eat it immediately. They don't require cooking or a companion to taste great. These can be eaten alone and taste great.

So after a few months of watching some of my friends growing things and succeeding at them I thought to myself. Wow, if they can do it, so can I.

Then there was the tough decision of what I would grow. Would I grow tomatoes, or cucumbers, or squash? I instantly though, I want to grow something that I will enjoy eating. Bananas!

The next challenge was to get information on where to get the plants from, how to grow them, which ones might do well in the Northeast and what options I had. This took some time and a lot of research. It was then that I found . I found some very knowledgable people on there and even some who were actually growing bananas less than 100 miles from me. After seeing photos and exchanging messages with some people I took the plunge and did it. I found a reputable company on Amazon and ordered myself a Super Dwarf Cavendish (soon after ordered a second one), got a pot, soil, watering container and started my indoor container garden.

Now, nearly two months later I have a tangerine plant, meyer lemon plant, strawberry plant, fig tree and a blueberry plant. All of these are very small and growing in my sun room but are healthy.

I look forward to the Spring when I will be able to put most of these outside and let them flourish.

So thanks for reading this and hopefully I can inspire you to grow some fruit of your own. Please check in periodically to watch my garden grow. I look forward to comments, questions and even suggestions as I am learning as I go.


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