Saturday, December 31, 2011

And then there was Kumquat

And then there was Kumquat

Today I ventured out to Logee's in CT with my dad. I found them online as a greenhouse location that had tropical plants and trees. I decided to visit them to pick up a citrus plant and save myself on shipping fees.

I will write a review on them shortly.

I found this amazing looking Kumquat tree and picked it up. It has four small fruits growing on it and looks very healthy. I have since potted it and took some pictures.

Welcome my new Kumquat plant to my sunroom garden!

Kumquat fruit

Kumquat fruit

Kumquat tree with four fruit

Kumquat tree

Kumquat fruit.

As you can see the fruit is still ripening. One of these is very green and the other three have a lot of yellow on them. The fully ripe kumquat is a nice orange color. I think it takes about 1-2 months to fully ripen. Most of these are probably only a couple weeks away from ripening. The fruit itself may still grow a little as well.
Kumquat fruit ripening

Kumquat fruit
I will make sure to show updates on a weekly basis so you can see the plant and fruit growing.

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  1. Tommy, very nice Kumquat. You're lucky Logee's is driving distance. Toni