Sunday, January 1, 2012

Spider mites on my banana plants!

Oh no!
I noticed the damage a few days ago, but didn't really see anything.

This morning, in the day light, I noticed that there were a bunch of small things on my banana plants. These are spider mites. When they are very young they are a brown color and at fully maturity they turn white.

No wonder my leafs were starting to look bad. I keep thinking it was because it was too cold in the room or the leafs were getting too dry.

I guess that is half the problem. As we are entering the middle of winter the air is getting dryer. These mites like to go places that are somewhat warm and also very dry. They also go for the more delicate leafs that they can bite and eat easier.

To keep these mites away you want to make sure you are misting your plants on a regular basis. Don't allow the plants to get too dry.

So now I have to get rid of this infestation.

I first started by spraying down all the leafs with my misting bottle.

Then I added some liquid soap to the water and started spraying them down that way.

I then rubbed them down with a paper towel.  I am going to spray them down again very soon, but outside so I don't make a mess out of my floor.

I did have to cut a couple leafs off as they were badly damaged.

Hopefully if I clean the leafs today and tomorrow I'll be able to get rid of all of them.

But I'll make sure to post on here on my results.  As the plants aren't too big yet I have a good chance of finding and getting rid of all of these little mites.

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